Tuesday, May 31, 2005

A weekend update

We're back. Thank goodness its over. We ran down to Sin City for the holiday. I took off friday and we drove down. I wanted my wife to have a chance to taste another part of America by driving. Flying saves time and energy, but you miss everything in between. Often there are interesting things lying along the way. I have to confess I hate road trips and I am sometimes willing to miss out. However, seeing America for what America is happens to be rather important for me. My daughter will not grow up with my town is the world for an attitude. Lyuda saw some spectacular views of the desert. She also saw what I call 'natural SoCal': the semi wooded (with oaks) with lots of dry grass. She thought it was very, very beautiful. And she never would have seen it otherwise.

Sin City wasn't that interesting for me. I am not a gambler. Not with my money. Not that way. The bright lights and such will only hold my attention for a quick tour. The Forum Shops for Caesar's Palace were nice, but...I couldn't help but be sickened in a way. All that expensive marble and stone...for a mall. I guess I love old monuments that are lasting and interesting. How much of that are we building? How much of that will be around like the pyriamids? The victory arches in Rome? The Hagia Sophia? The Acropolis? Instead...we're building an expensive mall and hotel attached to a casino. *sighs*

Oh well. I got to see an old friend (she lives in LV). Suzanne is someone I have known since 1995. She's a chemist and quite bright. We hadn't seen each other for a long time. She took Lyuda out to see the Strip, go dancing, etc. I babysat Avrora and talked with Greg (Suzanne's husband).

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