Monday, May 16, 2005

One very good little Restaurant

My wife and I went up to Dillon Beach on Sunday. We had an okay time. She got a little car sick from the twisty road that Shoreline Highway becomes racing along the Tomales Bay. We passed a lot of small towns - places that you sneeze and miss them - and noticed a lot of interesting construction: houses sitting above the water or interesting attempts at doing home made fill.

After we made it to Dillon Beach, we explored the town a bit. It has a very not so nice section to it. It also has a very upscale development to the north part of town. After a while we wandered down to the beach. We sat and munched while it was 70 degrees and shrouded in fog. Really, really thick stuff that fog. Thick enough that you couldn't see more than a about a hundred feet. At times the visibility went down a lot and you couldn't see even 50 ft.

On the way back home, Lyuda really, really wanted to stop and try a restaurant. We seen some on those fly speck towns we whizzed through. We stopped at one after some discussion over whether or not it was a good idea. We decided on Tony's Seafood in, iirc, Marshall. We ended up ordering a bowl of clam chowder, a plate of BBQ oysters, and some fried prawn and calamari. The oysters and clam chowder were excellent. They were the Uber Double Wow! Amazing! type stuff that almost makes you want to make noises that have no place in public. It would have been a perfect meal if not for the fact that the calamari and prawns were a little dry. We were thinking that we'd like to try it again next weekend. A plate of oysters or three and a bowl of clam chowder each would be more than enough. We're planning on getting one bowl and plate again and then getting a different dish to see what we can get.

Scouting out Marin has become a bit of a hobby of ours. We're enjoying it a lot between the forests, beaches, and the general lack of people...that the East Bay is definitely the opposite of. :)

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