Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Lockheed's Crew Exploration Vehicle Proposal

Glimpse here, here, and here.

Quick Comments:

The lifting body I can see appealing to the NASA types. They've been in love with lifting bodies since the 1970s.

Damn the Mars version looks small. I couldn't see being in that for 6+ months.

I dinna see where you'd dock with anything else. hm.

Northrop Grumman and Boeing were supposed to be working on versions as well, but all I can see right now in some of the articles is that NorthGrum is working on one. No word on Boeing.

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Daniel Roberts said...

Boeing submitted a proposal but decided not to publish the details. Smart move on Boeings part since there are probably proprietary things Boeings want to keep to themselves for the time being. It also shows thier serious abouth their proposal. The design that Lockheed is touting looks like it was slapped together at the last minute and doesn't look expandable. For all it's dullness the Apollo series was briliant. The last few versions flown were indeed very well developed and had an endurance of over 90 days. Hopefully Boeing will pick up where Apollo left off.