Wednesday, May 11, 2005

[SFnal Setting] Future EU From the Atlantic to the Pacific

It occurred to me if the EU were to absorb Russia that it'd stretch across to the Pacific. That means that EU would have access, no control, of the resources of Siberia. The minerological resources of Siberia are staggering and almost completely untouched! The Europeans would be extremely good at exploiting them in a far better way than the Russians of the early 21st century could. The economic boom that would follow would be extremely interesting.

Imagine that the EU has control of its own petroleum on the scale that the Siberian fields have. It'd be interesting to see if that'd be sufficient for the EU's oil needs today. Just imagine if the Eu had it now. Indeed if it were sufficient for EU's energy needs might it be that the Union would be a net zero importer-exporter?

However, the SFnal here has functional fusion and efficient electric transport for mobility. So gasoline and such might only be exportable to nations that haven't made the techno leap yet. Gee, not all of the world has the same level of technology? What a shocker!

Yet, as nifty as this might be to play with, I haven't seen how I can make Russia join. Esp in a very federal and unified EU.

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