Monday, January 12, 2009

Hans Reiser Jumped in Prison

An Oakland man, imprisoned at San Quentin for the murder of his wife, is recovering after he was beaten up by several prisoners this week.

Corrections Lt. Sam Robinson said that Hans Reiser suffered some cuts and bruises after he was jumped by several inmates on their way back to their cells after a morning meal.

Reiser was checked out and treated for his injuries. The prison has put him in a special cell, isolated from the general population as a precaution.

Soooo....anyone think he'll actually make it to 15 years?

(I didn't go looking for this. I've stopped watching the train wreck. A friend of mine hasn't and sent me this...oy)


Anthony Zografos said...

Unfortunately, and I really do mean unfortunately not because I like the guy but because nobody deserves such fate, I don't think he'll last one year. He is the kind of person who will tell violent inmates that they are dumb and he is smart and that they should submit to his intelligence.

Will Baird said...

Hans was a very smart guy. Too bad that his ... idiosyncrasies have undone him and are likely to do him in altogether.