Monday, October 19, 2015

How Substantial was Metatron's Investment Into Deep Space Industries?

The asteroid mining firm Deep Space Industries (DSI) announced today that Metatron Global, A.S., an international investment firm with offices in the Czech Republic, has agreed to make a substantial investment in the company. The investment will enable DSI to accelerate its plans to prospect for resources at an asteroid in the near future, hire more top level leadership and develop high value products based on its groundbreaking technologies.

"DSI is not your usual company. Our business plan is not your usual business plan. It takes a special kind of investor to step up and support what we are doing," said DSI Chair Rick Tumlinson. "Metatron is that kind of company. Not only are they incredibly sophisticated, not only do they take due diligence to another level, they "get it". More, they are not just writing a check, but adding their expertise and energy to ours as we move forward, adding a new and important dimension to our team."

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