Thursday, October 08, 2015

Robopocalypse #26: The Robopocalypse is NIGH! Just ask Musk!


Drones capture the flooding of South Carolina.

An activist (somewhat stupidly) dropped anti spy pamphlets on the NSA in Germany using a drone.

Hackers are now using drones to get into your printers, other wireless networks.

It seems peeping toms are officially at it with drones: a drone was spying out the inside of a home in the UK.

A Polish F-16 collided with a drone.  Damage was done to the skin of the fighter and fuel tank.

The FAA is fining Skypan International, a drone photography company, $1.9 million for violating regulations.

Commercial drones converted to flying IEDs might be the next big threat.

A Louisiana man shot down a neighbor's drone stating it was watching his wife.

Singapore is testing delivering the mail by drone.

Self Driving Cars:

Daimler's self driving truck has started driving the Autobahn in Stuttgart (2nd link).  The future is nigh.

What impact could the VW scandal have on self driving cars?

Toyota has unveiled their first self driving car.

Here are five places you can take a ride in self driving cars (psst, Japan is launching self driving taxis in 2016).

Musk states self driving cars will be here sooner than you think.  Fortune says the same thing.

Four French self driving cars just made a 360 mile trip with no driver.

The insurance industry may end up driving the adoption of self driving cars.

Volvo is willing to accept full liability if one of their self driving cars gets into an accident. Volkswagon would fake the data and claim the driver hit the petal.

3d Printing:

Adidas is working on a 3d printed shoe.  One where you walk into a store, get measured and leave with a perfectly fitting 3d printed shoe.


Collaborative navigation between two robots is making progress.  When they make this real time and allow the flying bot to recharge off the walker, watch out!

Robots with eyes on their hands may end up being more dexterous.

A robot, using machine learning, figured out how to pick up objects in ten days.

Sensors are having a huge impact on Japanese rice farmers.

Best Buy in New York has a robot sales-erm...person

Researchers are studying human walking to improve both prosthetics and bots.

A new robotic finger enters the uncanny valley. 

There's a new approach to the bathroom sink with the RoboWasher.


There has been a breakthrough for implanting electrodes in the brain.

 Software Bot:

Researchers are working on software that will anticipate what you want.

Two bots invented their own spoken language.

The National Science Foundation wants bots that read to kids.


The US Army is testing armed robotic guard towers.

Optimists are stating the United Nations could delay robots taking over warfare.   Yeah right.  lol.

Philosophy & Economics:

Here's a claim there are three things people will always do better than the bots.  At least until we have true AI.

Where will the bots go after the self driving car?

A new white paper states the Robopocalypse is actually good for US manufacturing and jobs.

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