Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Russia's Most Syrian Adventure #10: MUSH FOR BRAINS!

This is a poster placed in the Donbass region.  It's a recruiting poster for fighters to go from the Donbass in Ukraine to Syria.  The reasons on the left are for going to Syria and the ones on the right are the consequences of  staying in the Donbass.  The most striking is the bottom one: either go fight 'evil Islam' or stay to fight 'your orthodox brothers.'

The Russians conducted 88 air strikes in Syria in the last 24 hours.  

The Russo-Assad offensive continues.  It is looking increasingly like they are trying to cut Aleppo off from Turkey now.  That'd imply huge gains on their part before this point.

Putin is referring to the West as having 'mush for brains.'  Classic Russian.  Insult you when trying to convince you of something.  Veeerrrry effective with those in the West, especially Americans.  However, this was said not  for Western consumption, but for Russian.

The US dropped ammunition and some weapons to the FSA.  I believe this is facing off with the Russo-Assad offensive now.

Russian and American fighter planes closed within visual range.

China is declaring Russia and America are playing the old cold war games in Syria and is calling for the two sides to knock it off.

Nusra has declared it will attack Russia on its home soil.

Turkish troops appear to have crossed into Syrian territory, at least a few hundred feet, near Aleppo.

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