Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Russia's Most Syrian Adventure #11


The Russians claim to have hit 40 odd targets.  They claim all but two were against IS.  If the Russians say it, obviously its true.  The accuracy that appears in the videos appears to have greatly improved.

A Russian jet seems to have intercepted an American one to ID it.  They already have been shadowing our Predator drones.

Lavrov, Moscow Bob, has stated only Syria is the only nation to have requested help.

The Iraqis stated they were not informed of the cruise missile launches the Russians fired ahead of time.  Makes you wonder why they did not come out and condemn the missile launches immediately though.

Iran has stated sending fighters, whether soldiers or irregulars, to Syria under the cover of the Russian actions.  Is this a reinforcement of Hezbollah or a new force?

Its hard to tell who is making gains where.  The Russophonic internet claims the Russo-Assad offensive is taking ground.  European sources claim the FSA and others stopped Assad cold and started to retake ground.  IS is ...well either stalemated or gaining ground. 

The TOW missiles do seem to be spreading around Syria and being used to good effect.

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