Saturday, October 10, 2015

Russia's Most Syrian Adventure #8

Su-34 Airstrike:

Quick note.  The Russian smart munitions sure look to my untrained eyes to be far more inaccurate than the smart bombs of the First Gulf War.

The Russians are definitely using cluster munitions.  

The Russians also attacked the base of the US trained Syrian rebels.

There are NUMEROUS videos of  Syrian tanks, APCs and other vehicles getting smashed by TOW missiles.  Rumor has it Saudi Arabia has supplied the Free Syrian Army with 500 missiles. Others state the CIA did it.  This may have a blunting effect on the offensive.

An opinion of what Putin is doing in Syria.

Another is that Russia is retaliating in Syria for what happened in Libya.

Russia is claiming the cost of its intervention in Syria is not high.  Note: they don't seem to be able to afford fighting in Ukraine and Syria at the same time.

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