Friday, October 16, 2015

Stealth Saga #9

China is poised to start exporting the J-31/FC-31 Gyrfalcon.

Japan will decide whether or not to go ahead with its indigenous stealth fighter program by FY2018.

Flight Global has an analysis of the troubled South Korean KF-X program. 

SecDef Carter formally rejected export of the four technologies the South Korean KF-X program was counting on.

No matter who wins the Long Range Strike Bomber contract, the aerospace defense industrial base is in danger due to the lack of new contracts.

What should the Sixth Generation Fighters be like?  An article at War is Boring argues for the idea the FA-XX ought to be a F-14 replacement rather than an F/A-18E/F replacement.

The F-22 is better than any other fighter out there, but there are too few of them and they are being managed badly.

Canada's election will determine what role the country will play in the F-35 program, subcontractor or buyer?

Norway is proposing a significant defense budget increase including doubly the funding for the F-35 and requesting six more F-35s in the budget.

The F-35C completed its testing aboard the Eisenhower.  There are lots of videos floating around.   So far, now word whether or not the JPALS testing was successful. The next round of shipboard testing will take place summer of 2016.

Apparently, there is a risk to middle weight pilots as well as lightweight pilots for injury during ejection.  The risk comes from the very heavy helmet the F-35 has.

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