Wednesday, March 16, 2016


Thank you for coming today.

At 04:20 ET, 20 June 2039, an unidentified aircraft was detected flying from the Russian far easy towards Alaska at high speed: the aircraft was moving at approximately Mach 11.

US Air Force F-41s on alert were scrambled to intercept. They could not match speeds with the incoming aircraft but were vectored to for the longest duration contact possible. The unidentified aircraft would only be in visual range for approximately 30 seconds. If the aircraft did not change course, the F-41s were authorized to engage the unknown aircraft with their new Hypershrike missiles. This would be to take down the unknown prior to crossing into American airspace. They were also authorized to engage with their high energy lasers.

Likewise, ground batteries were moved to the highest readiness levels in case the fighters could not stop the incoming aircraft.

Ground control attempted to warn off the aircraft.

The fighters attempted to warn off the aircraft.

There was no response.

Colonel Samantha Jackson declared weapons free at 0431 ET and fired her volleyed her first two Hypershrike missiles. They closed at a combined velocity of Mach 26. The unknown aircraft was hit and began to decelerate.

Communication was attempted once more. yet there was no response. The unknown aircraft slowed to Mach 5.

At 0435, Captain Daniel Carter volleyed his first two Hypershrike missiles. These impacted the unknown aircraft at a combined velocity of Mach 20. The missiles impacted and the unknown aircraft slowed to Mach 1 and began flying erratically.

The two F-41s were over the horizon and began to engage with their high energy lasers. The unknown aircraft seemed to not be affected by the laser weaponry. As the unknown aircraft was now over Alaska, the F-41s fired a combined four Hypershrike missiles. These successfully impacted the aircraft causing that aircraft to impact in the Alaskan wilderness.

A search and rescue team was immediately dispatched as Carter and Jackson orbited the site from above. The impact crater was impressive, as you can see, and it appears this was caused by the aircraft purposefully accelerating after impact was unavoidable.

Upon arrival, the search and rescue team determined they were not equipped to handle the situation. They cordoned off the area and awaited those were so equipped.

The reason they were not equipped is why we are here today. Our assumption was the Russians or the Chinese under the guise of using Russian air space had attempted to test our air defenses. They have been doing so for some time, ever since the Putin Presidency. We had thought they had come up with a new, hypersonic aircraft or drone. Upon a very cursory examination of the crash site, the unknown aircraft was NOT Russian in origin. Let me say again: the unknown aircraft was NOT Russian. It was also NOT Chinese.

In fact, the unknown aircraft was not only not Russian or Chinese, it was NOT human. This unknown aircraft shot down by the US Air Force is extraterrestrial.

We have successfully cordoned off the area. It is now under quarantine. We are not taking the utmost caution when it comes to this site and the crash and the incident. We sincerely hope whatever agency sent this craft understands this was an unfortunate event and we wish to avoid further in the future.

However, it has happened.

In short, the United States Air Force has shot down a flying saucer.

We will now take your questions.

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