Thursday, March 17, 2016

The Walk on the Lonely Road has Ended

I lie here alone. Staring at the ceiling. I can feel this is my last day. This is my last sunrise and it will be my last sunset. I feel my life has run its course. I had best celebrate my life as much as I am able. For I am truly alone.

With trouble, I rise from my simple bed. I had once had the best bed in the world. I'd taken it from a sumptuously rich house of one of the world's first trillionaires. It was exquisite. It was wonderful. And in time, I felt guilty about sleeping in such comfort that I had discarded it. I had made my own bed, rude and rough hewn, from the newly arisen forest at the edge of the city. I'd even eventually made my own mattress: the ones left from before had largely grown moldy even when treated.

I had once even inhabited a trillionaire's home, but that had grown dull and pointless without the tech to maintain it. Or even the flowing water. And heat. And electricity. It was huge, but a corpse.

I had found an off the grid home, but I am no expert at fixing electrical equipment, so when it died, I left.

I wandered the country, lost and alone. Corpses had long since rotted away, leaving skeletons and bones. I had been lucky when the diseases ravaged the survivors of the apocalypse that I didn't get sick from things we'd long since wiped out...only for them to crawl out of the shadows with all that death for their long awaited revenge.

I rose and cooked myself a breakfast, my last. It was simple, some herbal tea. Some eggs. All over a fire.

I cleaned my simple cabin. One room and rough as my hands, but I had made it. If I were to go, I wanted to lie in a stately fashion and not in squalor. That took far longer than it ought: I am a rather old person these days and my life and energy have ebbed to the point that today is my death day after all.

I breathed. I went outside. I cleaned and cleared the porch. That too took much longer than it ought.

I sighed. I sank into my favorite chair to watch the day. I watched the sun rise above noon and sink towards sunset. I rocked away.

I thought about my family, long dead. I thought about my friends, gone in the spasms of the last world. I pondered the world that had died such a brutal, but silent death. I missed them all. I had been so alone for so long. I even went mad for a time. But even that could not protect me from the loneliness.

It was almost as though loneliness has been angry and jealous of madness and drove off her rival.

I sat alone and I reflected. I sat alone and watched the sun set.

It faded from bright white, to yellow, to orange, to red, to purple, to black.

I felt a light, cold touch upon my shoulder and I nodded.

I rose and went inside.

I dosed all the flames. I dosed all the lights. I folded and prepared everything. It had to be perfect.

I laid down. I closed my eyes. I folded my hands over my chest.

I breathed my last breath.

And I died.

The last person upon Earth.

I had walked the lonely road.

Alone for so long.

Alone no more.

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