Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Republican Primaries

Trump takes Florida, North Carolina and Illinois.

Rubio quit.  

It also wouldn't have mattered had Kasich and Rubio cooperated in tactical voting.  Rubio still would not have won Florida.  The only place that seems to have like Rubio in Florida was Miami-Dade County.  I'd be worried about loser stink now, if I were Rubes.  He simply ran too early.  He could have waited until 2024 and been fine: he's young.

So, will he have loser stink?

Kasich seems to have taken Ohio.

A Trois for tactical voting would have prevented Trump from taking Florida, given Cruz North Carolina and, well, sadly not helped Kasich in taking Ohio, but he had no hope in the others.  Kasich would have to want to prevent Trump at all costs.

So, will Cruz bail?

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