Tuesday, March 15, 2016

The Third Voice?

"Oh Christ!"


"Look, sorry, but that's the worst curse a minor devil like myself could think of. hell, I've not even made Imp yet. I'm just a Dirty Little Voice.

"Now, we're in a serious pickle here, my angelic rival and frenemy! Normally, its just you and I warring over the soul and actions of the the poor schmuck we are assigned to. Its a lot of fun to yank and jerk and see where the bub goes in his or her life. I get off on it. You, I know, will only experience joy if and when they pick the straight and narrow despite my foul ministrations.

"But it is normally just us.

"We have our rules. We stick to them and we make it work. You save some. I corrupt many. But its between us.

"Have you looked UP lately? As in over his head? Well, you should. Something else is materializing there. Either it is going to be a mini Cthulhu or the avatar of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Either way, our jobs just got a lot crazier. "

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