Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Stealth Saga #34


Take a look at the world's first stealthy target drone.

CBARS/RAQ-25 Stingray:

The US Navy is changing CBARS' name to the RAQ-25 Stingray.


Rumors are there were two accidents with the RQ-180.  One of which caused a loss of aircraft and the other damaged enough it needed fixing.


Watch carefully from the 8 second mark through the 14 second mark.  Then tell me that's a stealth fighter.


The X-2 is apparently doing well on the taxi tests.

B-21/Long Range Strike Bomber:

Here's is more information about the B-21.  The article includes the notation that the artist rendering does not match the Kansas or Texas unidentified aircraft sightings and because the artist rendering is based on the early Northrop concept its likely the final aircraft will be different.

Here's more information about the B-21.  And more again.  Jane's finally weighed in.

Sweetman has made his statement finally and thinks the B-21 draws on the RQ-180.

War is Boring just plains says no one should have been surprised by the design of the B-21.

The B-21 design is being called very similar to the B-2.  By several folks.

The naming game has started for the B-21.

Here's another confirmation Boeing and Lockheed will not be pursuing legal action over the B-21 contract.

The Chinese have started talking trash about the B-21 already.

Rumors have it, the B-21 will have very good sensor fusion and some limited air to air capabilities.


The environmental impact statement to bring to F-35A squadrons to Eielson Air Force Base has been completed.

The first combat coded F-35As have dropped weapons for the first time.

A Norwegian pilot has come out to refute the poor performance report by the Lockheed test pilot.  More here.  And even here.

Australia may replace some future F-35s with stealthy UCAVs instead.

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