Tuesday, March 01, 2016

The Coming Cyber War #3


The dangerous diffusion of cyber operations.

The US is intending to use cyber attacks to expose Islamic State/Daesh's communications and is significantly expanding it's operations against IS.  Its being called a massive attack now. 

The US cyber ops against IS/Daesh are honing skills for use against other nations, namely Russia and China.

Obama wants to renegotiate the 1996 Wassenaar Agreement to allow for easier export of cyber weapons and hacking tools.

The US Defense Secretary draws parallels between China's behavior online and its actions in the South China Sea.

Putin has options using cyber attacks to escalate the Donbass War.


The Chinese are being formally accused by Norway of hacking and stealing military secrets.


The hackers that took down the Ukrainian electrical system, at least in part, were very sophisticated.

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