Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Stealth Saga #39

KUS-X (South Korean UCAV):

The South Koreans are working on a stealthy UCAV of their own.


Turkey's TFX program is a very tough one to complete successfully.


Lockheed has scrubbed the optionally planned version of the proposed U-2 replacement TR-X.


Pakistan is strongly hinting it will buy J-31 fighters from the Chinese until they can develop their own 5th gen fighter.

Chinese Stealth Bomber:

Is the Chinese bomber delayed by the problems with their ow jet engine tech?


Some continue to argue for restarting the F-22 line in lieu of developing a 6th Gen Fighter.


The new F-35 helmet is being ready.

Lockheed nabbed an upgrade contract for the F-35.

The P&W F135 engine has a lot of problems, too.  This is the engine of the F-35.

The F-35 demo in Britain may include a vertical landing component.

The USMC has increased the projected rate the F-35B will be used each month.

The F-35 has launched a Joint Standoff Weapon.  Video here.

Israel wants more autonomy with its F-35I aircraft from the other countries purchasing the same aircraft.   The F-35I's avionics software is nearing completion.


The US should stop developing 'joint' fighters.

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