Thursday, April 14, 2016

Stealth Saga #40



The X-2 flight is expected by the end of the month (link in Japanese).


The latest picture of one of the PAK-FA prototypes from here.

PAK-FA picture carrying dumb bombs.

The PAK-FA is undergoing extensive weapons testing as the pictures above show.

More bad news for the PAK-FA: Russia has ordered another 30 Su-30s.

Sixth Generation Fighters:

Russia continues to talk up its 6th gen fighter plans.

The USAF is delaying its F-X Sixth Gen fighter program by at least a year.

Here's more thoughts on the F-X/6th gen fighter.


F-22s made a surprise deployment to Britain.


The US Air Force is resisting stating how much the B-21 will finally cost.


How Israel plans on upgrading its F-35s.

The F-35s will be Israel's method of keeping an edge over its neighbors.

Is the F-35 debut in Britain a warning to Russia?

The British are upgrading the base for the F-35.

The Vermont Air National Guard is getting the F-35 starting in 2019.

WiB must have choked when they did a podcast suggesting the F-35 might not suck.

 A Dutch tanker fueled an F-35.

The first international debut of the F-35 will be in the Netherlands.

Britain has received its last test F-35.

A new admiral has been named to coordinate the introduction of the F-35C to the US Navy.

Pratt & Whitney and the US government have reached an agreement for the engines for the F-35.

Where will the first reserve base be for the F-35?

Integration of the ASRAAM missile has started for the F-35.


The attack on the US Air Force's commitment to a fully stealth force continues.

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