Saturday, April 09, 2016

Terminator Times #7

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles:

The South Koreans are developing a stealthy UCAV.

Here's a look at the strikes by drones.

A Reaper drone conducted ripple attacks against maritime targets for the first time. 

The US Air Force is planning on converting older 4th generation fighters in drones to be controlled by F-35s and other more advanced aircraft. 

The US Air Force thinks unmanned fighters will proceed unmanned ground vehicles. 

In the 1990s, it was debated whether or not drones with missiles attached counted as cruise missiles and, therefore, were a treaty violation by the US.  This delayed introduction of missile armed drones by years.  As a result, one Predator pilot watched Osama bin Laden walk away and couldn't do anything about it before 9/11.

The US Navy is set to procure UAVs to be launched from submarines to allow for over the horizon targeting.  The UAV's name is...AWESUM.

The US Army is looking at upgrading the RQ-7B Shadow's engine.

DARPA has selected four teams for its Gremlins UAV program.

The Russians claim to be working on three heavy UAVs.

France is ordered 14 Sagem Patroller UAVs.

An Israeli built suicide drone was used to kill a bus full of Armenian soldiers.

Israeli companies are offering their suicide drones for the US Army.

The US Army wants pocket sized drones for its soldiers.

Reapers are part of the uptick of the US Air Force spending.

Poland is considering which drone to buy.

India is in talks to buy Predator drones.  It will also bring up Avenger drones as well.

The US Army wants software to allow UAVs to scout ahead 60m for tanks.

Unmanned Surface Vehicles:

DARPA's anti sub USV has started testing and a bit more here.

USVs will be used for the mine hunting mission for the Littoral Combat Ship.

Unmanned Ground Vehicles:

Uran-9 is a Russian UGV sporting ATGM & a 30mm.  It's really cool and all, but is it really useful?


The US has no plans for killer robots.

iRobot's military branch has been spun out and relaunched as Endeavor Robotics.

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