Saturday, April 16, 2016

Terminator Times #8


The USAF is going to integrate the LITENING Pod onto the Reaper.

Eight Predator drone squadrons have been redesignated as attack squadrons (from recon).

The USAF is introducing measures to improve the UAV community.

The US Air Force is working on the Loyal Wingman project to turn 4th generation fighters into UCAVs to accompany the 5th and 6th gen fighters.

A 3d printed drone helped a Royal Navy ship navigate through Antarctic Sea ice.

Special Operations Command will be deploying mini UAVs in combat this year.

The US Air Force can build a UAV base in less than a month.

Russia wants to develop an advanced rotary wing (helicopter) UAV testbed.

Washington has vetoed any further UAV deals between Israel and Russia.


G-NIUS is going out of business due to a lack of international orders for its UGV.


Could robot subs replace Australia's Collins Class Submarines?

BAE's Archerfish is designed to hunt sea mines.


What are the impacts of the robopocalypse on the US Navy?

Using AI on the battlefield.

Rafael has introduced its own anti drone defenses.

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