Friday, April 08, 2016

The Coming Cyber War #7

Cyber warfare:

Obama and Xi will be discussing cyber war at their summit.

The Pentagon's "Hack the Pentagon" initiative does not allow for many real hackers to participate.

Russia and China are the greatest cyber threats, but Iran is rising.

A new Cold War is underway in cyberspace.

Senate leaders are expanding Cyber Command.

In the event of Cyber war, its not feasible to shut down the Internet.

ISIS may cyber attack the US.

GAO has concerns over Pentagon cyber policy.


The hackers that attacked the US hospital have picked another to attack.  More details on the original hospital hack have become available.  VERY belatedly the US DHS has released a CERT as a warning about the hospital hacks.  Medstar claims to be 90% recovered from the attack.

Over 1,400 vulnerabilities (ways to hack in) have been found in an automated medical supply chain software.

Hackers are using Google to find their prey.

The FBI says a group has penetrated US government computers for years.

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