Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Excitement and Headaches

I've been trying to get my wife registered for her next semester. We worked out the schedule, but stumbled upon how to fit in her first chem class. If she has to take it in the fall, it's gonna cause issues by pushing out her transfer date. Making it worse is that we need to fit something in that's 'interesting' for her. She took two math classes this semester along with english and a couple 'fun' classes, but they were not intellectually stimulating much. Hence she got bored. There are a few possibilities replacement classes, but she has another 6 classes that are contingent on this first chem. oy.

I'm starting classes again to try to get that procrastinated degree in the spring. I went and took the placement test since I've been out of school for so long. I was concerned that I might have forgotten too much or that my english is not no goot these thar days. I whizzed through the test in far less than half the time necessary. I was a little concerned because in my experience if it is too easy you probably screwed up. Turned out I was wrong: I placed as high as they allow. Even so, I am going to see the department heads about what I can register for/test/skip ahead in (klep is what my folks used to call it).

We're off in 3 hours to catch a flight to Hawaii! We'll be in Honolulu for a week, but we'll do some island hopping at the same time. Blogging is going to be pretty nonexistent for the next week. I'm splitting work early to help finish the packing.

Happy TDay everyone. See you in a week!

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Jeromy Baldridge said...

Let me know when you graduate so I can not send you a card or even say congrats! :p