Tuesday, November 13, 2007

USA's MDA Talking with Ukraine

Obering spoke with AW&ST from Kiev during one of a series of visits to explore opportunities to expand industry cooperation between the U.S. and Ukraine, which provided hefty technical expertise for the Soviet ballistic missile fleet.

Already, cooperation exists with Boeing on the Sea Launch program and other efforts are under way with Lockheed Martin. The Ukraine is also thought to have conducted development work for the countermeasures incorporated into Soviet and now Russian intercontinental ballistic missiles.

Further industrial cooperation with the Ukraine may also quell some of that nation’s concerns about U.S. plans to expand its ballistic missile defense system into Eastern Europe. Government officials from Kiev have been hesitant on the issue, siding with their Russian neighbors in the East more than their Polish neighbors to the North.

OoOoOoOooo. Now that's why Russia doesn't like the BMD bits in Europe. lol.

A bit more seriously, if the Russians haven't developed more advanced techniques since the Soviet Union, they're in for a lot of hurt just because of the fact that its really, really hard to keep that $TECH secret. There are far too many scientists and engineers from the xUSSR that have fallen on hard times.

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