Thursday, July 31, 2014

Ukraine: Great Patterns of Little Seen

The fighting continues, but today there was little in the way of progress on the side of the Ukrainians today.  There has been little in the way of new revelations either.  Or are there?

Ukraine's Rada refused to accept the resignation of Yatsenyuk.  Presumably this means he was persuaded to stay through the election at least.

Mass graves are being dug up in Slavyansk.

The rebels mounted a major attack on the Ukrainian army at Shakhtarsk.  There were a lot of casualties but no word whether the rebels

A Russian soldier who couldn't help himself ran around taking selfies with his unit and uploading them.  It seems Instagram was geotagging them and...he and his unit were inside Ukraine.  I thinkwe can definitely return to the tag of 'little green men' again.

The mayor of Dokuchaev was killed.

The Russians continue to stream equipment across the border and bombard the Ukrainian army who is within reach.

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