Monday, August 28, 2006

Chinese Acid Rain

In the same parliamentary report, Sheng also lifted the lid on false reporting of solid waste discharge levels by local governments and companies.

Actual levels of toxic chromium waste in China could be as high as five million tons instead of the 4.1 million reflected in official figures, Xinhua cited the report as saying.

"Many firms report a lower figure for chromium waste for fear of being punished," Sheng said.

One locality had originally reported that it had 3,000 tons of chromium waste but raised the figure to 100,000 tons after learning the government would build reprocessing facilities for them instead of fining them, he said.

Emphasis added. The Soviets can talk about fearing reporting the truth. Their issue was their economy. Makes you wonder if this environmental problem will be the equivalent for the Chinese, no?

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