Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Not the Day Care you're looking for

We had selected a daycare that was recommended to us from some friends. The owners seemed nice. They're fluent in Spanish (and teach it) which is something we wanted for Avrora. Our friends' daughter seems happy there and my wife's first visit seemed to go pretty well. There ended up being four problems and she won't be going there.

The first was that it was my daughter didn't like it. Our friends' daughter didn't want to play with ours. There were older kids and Avrora wasn't happy with that. The second problem was that Avrora was going to end up with little kids - toddlers and infants - and she wants to play with the older kids. The older kids weren't really that interested. The third problem was that we were hoping that Avrora would end up in a daycare that had russian lessons, since that's ahrd to maintain as they get older and the more they get exposed young, the better. Finally, the last two visits, it was dirty. Very dirty according to Lyuda. I understand that kids get into a mess, but that wouldn't do.

We lucked outa nd found another PDQ after that last visit. Our daughter didn't want to leave and rather liked the owner. It's a Russian speaking daycare, but after age three they teach english too. The services are much better too and the price, which wasn't a big deal before, is half of the previous one. We're hopeful that this will work out.

Avrora starts tomorrow. The same day Lyuda's classes will. We're both going to drop her off.

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