Monday, August 21, 2006

Head's up! New Peter Ward Book

The individual that brought us the useless Future Evolution and the travelogue pretending to be a book about the extinctions at the end of the Permian, now is bringing us a book on why the dinos took over from the mammal-like reptiles.

He puts forward the idea in Gorgon about the fact that bird's lungs - and dinosaurs - are more efficient than mammalian (or any other tetrapod's) lungs. His hypothesis that he was hinting at was that the reason for the rise of the dinos was that the amount of oxygen at the end of the Permian and in the early Triassic was much less than even now.

If this is as bad as FE, skip it. If it's another travelogue, ago ahead and read it, but with taht in mind. Maybe this time it will be something with some real meat in it like Hallam or Benton or Erwin. Don't worry, I'll probably get ita nd review it here if you want to wait.

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