Tuesday, August 22, 2006

An Interesting World Spun off a Usenet Thread

I have been watching and started writing a response to that above thread a few days ago. I've been busy so my usenet participation is a little circumscribed at the moment. That said, I was able to get my response out the door.

It makes for an interesting world, if you think about it. The world itself would be one of 50k years in the future of now. It's an alternate future since Homo sapiens got wiped out in Africa because of the Toba Event. The current interglacial has come and gone. A new glaciation has come and gone as well. The world is in a new interglacial. There are two hominid species. One is derived from the Neandertals (Homo europis) and the Hobbit (Homo asiaticus). The extinction that was experienced at the end of the last glacial event was dampened compared to OTL (no H sapiens to help with the environmental stress). There was a big extinction at the end of future glaciation.

The H europis species have a homeland based on Europe based not that much different than how Africa is for mankind now. They're big. They're burly. They're over 2m high. They were forced to agricutlure after the die off. They're bright and about bronze age tech level. Their range is Europe, north africa, the middle east, north asia, and north america.

The H asiasticus species have a homeland centered on Indonesia. They're small and slight. They're only 1 meter tall and require a lot less consumables to survive than a single europis. They moved to agriculture too and are approximately the same tech level. They have a range from australia, india, east asia, the middle east and africa.

The two species are not very friendly. They're in competition. I can't say which way the world would be tipping after contact. I'd have to think it through. It'd make for a great epic style adventure or tale. Unfortunately, it could also be set as a very ugly toned on as well.

I'm going to shelve it for now. My writing cycles are largely consumed already. Maybe I'll revisit it after Epilium Aurora, Great Vision, The Grinding of Glaciers, and the 2030s SO Project. Yea, if I ever get EA moving at a rate faster than the glacial advance, I have a queue of ideas already.

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