Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Greater US of North America Population by State

State Name: Population: Origin[0]:
California 36,132,147 A
Texas 22,859,968 A
Mexico[1] 22,728,411 M
New York 19,254,630 A
Florida 17,789,864 A
Illinios 12,763,371 A
Ontario 12,541,400 C
Pennsylvania 12,429,616 A
Ohio 11,464,042 A
Michigan 10,120,860 A
Georgia 9,072,576 A
New Jersey 8,717,925 A
North Carolina 8,683,242 A
Quebec 7,598,100 C
Virginia 7,567,465 A
Veracruz 7,110,214 M
Jalisco 6,752,113 M
Massachusetts 6,398,743 A
Washington 6,287,759 A
Indiana 6,271,973 A
Tennessee 5,962,959 A
Arizona 5,939,292 A
Missouri 5,800,310 A
Maryland 5,600,388 A
Wisconsin 5,536,201 A
Puebla 5,383,133 M
Minnesota 5,132,799 A
Colorado 4,665,177 A
Alabama 4,557,808 A
Lousiana 4,523,628 A
Chiapas 4,293,459 M
South Carolina 4,255,083 A
British Columbia 4,254,500 C
Nuevo Leon 4,199,292 M
Kentucky 4,173,405 A
Michoacan 3,966,073 M
Puerto Rico 3,916,632 A
Oregon 3,641,056 A
Oklahoma 3,547,884 A
Connecticut 3,510,297 A
Oaxaca 3,506,821 M
Baja California[2] 3,356,639 M
Alberta 3,256,800 C
Chihuahua 3,241,444 M
Guerrero 3,115,202 M
Tamaulipas 3,024,238 M
Iowa 2,966,334 A
Mississippi 2,921,088 A
Arkansas 2,779,154 A
Kansas 2,744,687 A
Sinaloa 2,608,442 M
Utah 2,469,585 A
Nevada 2,414,807 A
San Luis Potosi­ 2,410,414 M
Hidalgo 2,345,514 M
Tabasco 1,989,969 M
New Mexico 1,928,384 A
Yucatan 1,818,948 M
West Virginia 1,816,856 A
Nebraska 1,758,787 A
Morelos 1,612,899 M
Querétaro 1,598,139 M
Durango 1,509,117 M
Idaho 1,429,096 A
Zacatecas 1,367,692 M
Maine 1,321,505 A
New Hampshire 1,309,940 A
Hawaii 1,275,194 A
Manitoba 1,177,600 C
Quintana Roo 1,135,309 M
Rhode Island 1,076,189 A
Tlaxcala 1,068,207 M
Aguascalientes 1,065,416 M
Saskatchewan 994,100 C
Nayarit 949,684 M
Nova Scotia 937,900 C
Montana 935,670 A
Delaware 843,524 A
South Dakota 775,933 A
Campeche 754,730 M
New Brunswick 752,000 C
Alaska 663,661 A
North Dakota 636,677 A
Vermont 623,050 A
Colima 567,996 M
Newfoundland and Labrador 516,000 C
Wyoming 509,294 A
Prince Edward Island 138,100 C
Northwest Territories 43,000 C
Yukon 31,000 C
Nunavut 30,000 C

0. A = American, C = Canadian, M = Mexican.
1. Combined Mexico and Federal District
2. Combined Baja California and Baja California Sur

A combined Martimes would have a population of 2,344,000
and put it in the puncing weight of Utah politically.

A combined Yucatan Pennisula (Compeche, Quintana Roo, and
Yucatan ) would have the population of 3,708,987 and a
punching weight equivalent of Oregon or the state of
Puerto Rico.

Some notes:

Running for President in this uber USA gets interesting. You have three rather different big states to appease: liberal California, conservative Texas, and spanish Mexico. I suspect that you won't appease all three at the same time. You better be bilingual too. Maybe trilingual, but spanish and english so out compete French in numbers...

The voting blocks for different states are probably too complicated for me to think about. I'd need to if I ever want to write a book with this in it though. lol.

I combined Mexico with the Federal District and the two Baja Californias just because. Well, sorta, I think it increases those nuevo states punching power a lot. I would think that the Maritime combination and Yucatan one would be a good idea too, but I suspect that there'd be even MORE resistance to their combination than the prior. Esp wrt to the Canadians.

I have a feeling there'd be a huge population shift around if the borders were moved like this. The next Census after the expansion would shift around a lot of house seats. The Yukon et al territories are states through treaty reasons only. Ontario hits like Illinois. An important state, but not a biggie like the top three.

Oh, yes, I did make Puerto Rico a state here. if Mexico becomes a series of them, then PR is going to join too.

This was just for fun. Don't take it too seriously.


Randy McDonald said...

PEI would strongly resist annexation into the mainland, I suspect. Being ruled from Halifax, Fredericton, or Moncton? Please.

Will Baird said...

Hence why I said:

but I suspect that there'd be even MORE resistance to their combination than the prior. Esp wrt to the Canadians.


Come on, Randy, come over to the dark side. ;) First Senator from PEI? :D

Thirteen Canadian, thirty Mexican, and fifty-one American (PR) would make for a lively Senate and even more so House of Representatives.

after guaratneeing the languages of the x-countries in question, I'd suspect that the next step would be would be a huge investment made in infrastructure wrt to Mexico. The interstate system would need to be swung south and such.

Foreign policy gets rather interesting. Mexico and Canada aren't superpowers and have different obligations. The national 'character' would have shifted considerably too.

Any speculation? Just for fun.