Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Yesterday my daughter figured out how to use keys. This is a wonderful and terrifying development.

Oh, to be sure, it's not the keys that you put in the door. They were the large plastic keys for opening up where some of her toys were stored. It was part of the play setup. Her toys, small anaimals, were locked in some cages as part of a play set for pretending to be a vet. She got them out. We were delighted. She's been trying to work door nobs for a while, but now that we have seen her use the keys, we quietly without fuss moved all of ours out of reach.

We're very proud of her. And a little nervous. She has no fear. Even after hurting herself a few times falling off the bed, she kept at it to figure out how to get down. She's done likewise with other things she think she can do whether or not they might hurt her. If she thinks she can figure out a way that she can do it without hurting her she'll keep trying until it doesn't. Stairs, frex, are one. Picking up prickly or hot things too. She doesn't do it blindly or stupidly, but she does keep at it.

These are the moments that both scare and delight a parent.

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