Friday, September 12, 2008

NERSC-6 Request for Proposals

Proposal due date is Friday, October 10, 2008 3:00 PM Pacific

Request For Proposal Package (revised Sept. 4, 2008 / with corrected "General Provisions" document Sept. 9, 2008)

The NERSC-6 RFP has been approved by DOE/SC for release and publication on this Web site on September 4, 2008. Interested Offerors are advised to discard all preceding draft RFP documents that were published on this Web site prior to September 4, 2008. Interested Offerors are advised to base their proposal responses on RFP documents now available on this Web site and any subsequent RFP amendments.

Interested Offerors must submit all communication (questions, comments, etc.) about the NERSC-6 RFP to The NERSC-6 market discussion phase is complete; therefore, interested Offerors are no longer permitted direct communication with the NERSC-6 technical community except for regular business activities that do not pertain to the NERSC-6 RFP or as otherwise directed by the LBNL Subcontracts Manager.

Interested Offerors are advised to monitor this Web site for potential NERSC-6 RFP amendments and other NERSC-6 RFP information updates. LBNL may notify interested Offerors (who have previously contacted LBNL and expressed an interest in the NERSC-6 RFP) of updated NERSC-6 RFP information via e-mail; however, LBNL is under no obligation to do so. It is the responsibility of all interested Offerors to monitor this Web site for current NERSC-6 RFP information.

We are getting set for our next big machine (NERSC-6). It's gonna be a doozie. To help out our would-be vendors, we have also released the benchmarks we want run on as proof that their big iron is even close to good enough for we technosnobs/predators. Remember, NERSC is pathologically tough customer. Don't even dream of bidding on something like this unless you have an army and a deep, deep source of funds.

However, if you want to vastly improve your product line, come to us, my pretties!

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