Thursday, April 07, 2016

Paleolithic Papers #4

Australopithecus afarensis:

More afarenesis fossils have been found, including two infants,in Kenya.

Genus Homo:

The nose plays an important part of the conditioning of the air for the lungs.

Did nearby supernova affect human evolution?

Where did early humans get their brain feeding nutrients?

Homo naledi:

Did H. naledi really purposefully bury its dead in the cave in Africa?

Homo erectus:

The biogeography of the dispersion of erectus out of Africa.

Neandertals (Homo neanderthalensis):

The differences between Neandertals and modern humans are being attributed to the differences in diet.

Hobbits (Homo floresiensis):

Hobbits were older than previously thought.

Some are speculating the new dates would imply modern humans wiped out the Hobbits.

John Hawks talks about what the new paper on the Liang Bua's stratigraphy does and does not answer.  It ought to be noted Hawks is calling the Hobbits Homo floresiensis now.

Modern Humans (Homo sapiens):

There was a long layover in Beringia when the PaleoIndians migrated to the New World from Asia.

Puppies of the Paleolithic sounds like a title to a kids book or an odd band, but is entirely accurate in this case.

There is a map of which populations have Denisovan and Neandertal genes.

Some have questions about the introgression of Denisovans and Neandertals into modern humans.

Modern human Y chromosomes do not have Neandertal genes.

There is a hot topic of whether or not warfare is inherent to modern humans.  Some argue it is.  Others believe it is not.  A study in Japan of Holocene hunter gatherers claims to support that war is not a basal part of humanity.

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