Thursday, April 07, 2016

Robopocalypse Report #78


The future of the urban lumberjack or Texas chainsaw massacre sequel?

um.  yeah.  Festo, you so weird sometimes.

The UN & Malawi are attempting to deliver HIV tests for babies using drones.

The first FAA approved urban delivery has taken place in the United States.

The FAA is predicting 7 million drones in the US by 2020.

3D Robotics attempted to take on DJI and seems to be slowly collapsing.

CNET pitted an owl vs a drone.

DJI is suing rival Yuneec over patent violation.

A drone used by a construction copy was shot down by an angry neighbor.

Using drones for landmine clearance.

How drones can improve field research?

The bigger the drone, the more fun for people trying it for the first time.

Are drones actually dangerous to airplanes?

Selfies are about to get MORE annoying.  This is what happens when you cross a selfie stick with a drone.

Self Driving Cars:

Nissan's CEO talks about self driving cars.

The CEO of Google's Self Driving Car Project talks the implications of autonomous cars.

Mitsubishi will tap its air to air missile tech for...self driving cars?

Self driving trucks are the future of Europe's highways.

3 of Daimler's self driving trucks convoyed on the Autobahn.

The Robopocalypse is coming for NASCAR with NVIDIA's brains.

Volvo wants to test its self driving cars in China.

Toyota is teaming with the world's best software company known for security for connected cars.  Note.  That's sarcasm.

Google's self driving cars are loose in Phoenix.

3d Printing:

WASP, the massive 3d concrete printer, is preparing to print a village.

The Pixelstone 3d printer is used for decorative 'brick work.'

MakerJet has debuted a human sized 3d scanner.

3d printed prosthetics are becoming more common.

A 3d printer created a life sized skull in minutes, not hours.

For the first time, scientists have 3d printed something with an active chemistry.

The Brits have made a 3d printer for pills.

General Electric is using 3d printing to revolutionize large scale manufacturing.

3d printing robots from solids and liquids are now possible.

The biopend allows for 3d printing tissue straight onto bone.

Software  Bots:

An AI in Japan wrote a novel that passed the first screening for a national literary prize.

Microsoft learned the hard way AI can be scary.  Kid s take 18 years to, hopefully, raise into well adjusted people.  24 hours seems to make AI's into crazy, people hating, Hitler apologist sex bots.  Microsoft has said the bot was just not up to the task.

Even so, MicroSoft wants to create Jarvis.

IBM has found a way to accelerate neural net learning.

Amazon has given DIYers a tutorial how to use Raspberry Pis to make their own Echoes with their Alexa software bot.

This bot will turn whatever you submit to it into a beat poem.

The Brain Project has released its first software tools.

Machine learning is being used to help diagnosticians.

Apparently people do not trust virtual assistants like Siri.

Taco Bell & Slack have an order taking bot.

BMW has a software bot for its cars coming.

Facebook is using a software bot to describe photos to the blind.

Will your car detect your mood in the future?

Looks like the robopocalypse came for Rembrandt.


IBM's TrueNorth has been delivered (and overhyped) to LLNL.


A ocean monitoring robot network is getting upgraded.

This automated grocery store replaces the checker with a cell phone app.

Using robotics to create composites.

The bot climbs pipes to clean them.

It seems touching robots in certain ways can cause arousal in people.  Pervs.  ;)

Yup, sex bots are definitely coming.

Spencer brings the robopocalypse to the Schipol airport.

An octopus inspired robot can swim, grasp & crawl.

This bot delivers, at least its getting there.

An implantable chip can adjust the dopamine levels in the brain.  Paging Larry Niven.

A 3d printed bionic hand can now be preordered.

Economics & Philosophy:

Some are saying California's new $15/hour minimum wage will spur the coming of the Robopocalypse.

Can you trust a robot and can a robot trust you?

What should we do when the Robopocalypse comes?  A guaranteed minimum income.  huh.  Wonder where I heard that before.

Are robots taking our jobs already?

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