Thursday, July 28, 2016

Paleolithic Papers #8

Genus Homo:

How China's hominin fossils are rewriting what we know about human evolution.

Robustness in limb bones can effect when we think Pleistocene and Holocene hominins died.

Modern humans are the ultimate super predator.

Modern Humanity (Homo sapiens):

Cultural and technological change was not driven by climate change for humanity.

Human cultural paleodiversity gets examined.

The impact of humans on the environment since the Pleistocene.

Neandertals (Homo neanderthalensis):

The first evidence of cannibalism in Neandertals has been found.

Paranasal sinuses are a bad sign of climate adaptation.

Neandertal brain development was similar to modern humans.

Hobbits (Homo floresiensis):

Evidence of fire in Indonesia's home of the Hobbits dates from 41,000 years ago. Is this a sign of modern humans on the island? or...?  (paper link)

Homo erectus:

H. eretus walked like modern humans.

Genus Australopithecus:

A. africanus:

A. africanus feet were not like modern human or ape feet.

An A. africanus pelvis was reconstructed with an eye to both locomotion and obstetrics. 


Variation in bones for populations needs to be taken into account for fossil hominins.

Viruses have greatly influenced human evolution.

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