Friday, July 15, 2016

Terminator Times #15


What's next for drone warfare?

Especially for the next US President.

Drones strikes became more transparent.

Surrogate tests are being conducted for the MQ-25's refueling pod now.

General Atomics is building its latest variant on the Predator B.

Kratos will demonstrate a low cost UCAV for the AFRL.

Pentagon has asked for money to counter ISIL UAVs.

The USAF is looking at swarm drones to help offset their smaller size.  

Raytheon's Coyote is entering the next stage of swarm testing.

Honeywell & IAI have been tapped for an anti collision system for UAVs.

A multi spectral sensor has been selected for the Global Hawk.

Russian snipers are being trained to hunt drones.

Russian artillery is using UAVs for targeting. 

A Russian contractor unveiled a 3d printed drone.

Russia claims its 6th generation fighter will control swarms of drones.

A Brazilian-Israeli UAV joint project will take flight soon.

The Heron UAV will be getting a sense and avoid capability.

Elbit has developed a self protection system for UAVs.

India's Rustom 2 UCAV is about to take flight too.

Airbus is starting a study for a European MALE.

Airbus has also unveiled details about its Zephyr T HALE UAV.

The loss of the Hammerhead UAV prototype has pushed back deliveries.

The Falco Evo MALE has two launch customers.

Leonardo-Finmeccanica's Helicopter Division and the British Ministry of Defence have signed a deal for unmanned choppers.

Brit's Watchkeeper drone production is about complete.

The RN will lose its shipboard UAVs on its frigates in 2017.

Thales unveiled Malaysia's new ship launched UAV.

The Chinese unveiled a box-wing UAV concept.

AUDS counter UAV system makes a debut.

Unmanned Ground Systems:

The US Navy wants a 'robo squirrel' for scouting missions on land that can climb trees, jump, etc.

The Dallas police used a robot delivered bomb to kill the sniper who shot several police officers.  This is not the killer robot you are looking for.

IAI is planning on offering a wide portfolio of UGV systems.


The USMC is pursuing unmanned systems, 3d printing for logistics in the future.

BAe wants to grow drones, etc.

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