Thursday, July 14, 2016

Robopocalypse Report #86


A drone captured the state of Apple building the 'flying saucer' in Cupertino.

Some uses of drones are just...weird.  Even as advertising.

DJI and Hasselbad have teamed up for a 50 megapixel camera equipped drone.

DJI also developed a camera for drones that can zoom.

AT&T thinks drones can be used to improve cell reception at baseball games.

Self Driving Cars:

BMW is making progress on their self driving cars.

The Tesla driver killed while using the autodrive feature had been pushing the limit (and his luck) for some time.  He had been posting videos of his 'exploits' on youtube before his death.

Musk is stating the Autopilot software, if used properly, could save lives.

Autopilot version 2.0 is coming next year.

Another accident that may be related to the Tesla Autopilot is being investigated.

And a third accident is being attributed to the Autopilot.

Consumer Reports is calling for Autopilot to be disabled.

The SEC is probing whether or not Tesla conducted a securities breach over informing its investors before the public about the Autopilot software.

Google's self driving cars have special rules for bicyclists.

Land Rover is developing self driving tech for off road.  And some more.

Nissan's Serena will get a self driving capability.

Improving on human-automata systems like self driving cars.

3d Printing:

Eco Concrete 3d printed a nifty bench.

Printing 3d composite metastructures.

Dubai has set regulations for 3d printing in construction.

Students 3d printed a car for a challenge.

Two teams won a 3d printing challenge.

ALCOA is opening a facility for 3d printing.

Print Valley has developed a high speed 3d metal printing and finishing 'faber.'

Mitsui has done the same, combining a CNC machine with a 3d printer.

3d printing is making some headway into fashion.


The Japanese developed a filament muscle equivalent.

Team Delft, a Dutch team, won the Amazon Robotics Picking Challenge.

Delivery robots have started testing in Washington DC and in London (and a bit more info).

Uber has hired a Knightscope bot to act as a security guard for its parking lot in San Francisco.  That same type of bot is accused of running over a 16 month old child.

On the path to molecular robots.

John Deere has self driving tractors.

CNET has started testing a robot grass cutter.

Yamaha is about to launch a robotic boat as a product.

A ten year old won a fellowship for her robotics work.

Olive, the robo suitcase...that's also a segway.

Robo furniture is coming too!

Cosmo got more powerful.

Sakura 2 is a gas safe robot.

And sex bots show up again.


A GM designed power glove increases strength.


A robot 'ray' has been made...with rat cells.

DARPA's robotic prosthetic arm has hit the market.

Meet SexyCyborg.

Software Bot:

Alexa can now order millions of items.

A new software bot is Big Brother for corporate workers.

Google is attempting to do a Watson and unleashing its DeepMind AI on eye problems.

AI may help with Alzheimer's diagnosis.

Using neural nets to develop synthetic petroleum.

Google bought an AI company to improve its image recognition on phones.

A bot might be flavoring your beer.

An AI might help you keep cat poop out of your lawn.  Really.

Using software bots to determine fundamental parameters of sun-like stars.

Using machine learning for quick understanding of stellar parameters.

Philosophy & Economics:

The robopocalypse may be a good thing.

How Hollywood views AI.

Does history give any guide to dealing with the robopocalypse?

Hostess saved itself by embracing the robopocalypse.

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