Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The Coming Cyber War #14

Cyber Warfare:

Here's the Chinese Army's perspective on rules for the restricting hacking of each other's countries.

NATO is stating it needs to raise its game with respect to cyber warfare.

China's capabilities and plans are looked at in the article entitled 'The Cyber Dragon.'

Did the US pwn Iran with Nitro Zeus?

Raytheon is developing significant cyberwarfare capabilities.

Cyber Security:

Google is trying to protect its Chrome browser from quantum computing encryption crackers.

Anti virus software is becoming increasingly useless and even makes computers more vulnerable.

There are nodes listening as spies on the TOR network.

Cyber security needs to be beefed up for 3d printing.

The FDIC was hacked multiple times between 2010 and 2013 by China.  The employees covered this up.

DARPA's Grand Cyber Challenge aims to improve cyber security.

Cyber Crime:

1,000 Wendy's restaurants were hacked and customer info stolen by malware.

The Baton Rouge police department was hacked.

Hackers have already been attacking the Republican Party Convention.

Wikileaks has also been under attack since they released Turkey related documents.

The OSCE has trained Ukrainian cyber security police.

Cyber crime has overtaken traditional crime in the UK.

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