Friday, July 29, 2016

Terminator Times #16


The next phase of DARPA's Gremlins project is about to get underway.

The award to KRATOS for the UCAV marks a potential shift to affordable UCAVs.

The Israelis failed to shoot down a Syrian UAV that intruded.

The UAV was apparently an Israeli made one.

General Atomics is positioning itself in the Indian UAV market.

India's navy lost a drone due to engine failure.

The US Army introduced a tethered UAV.

There is a new mine hunting drone.

North Korea claims to have developed a mini UAV.

Japan wants to use the Heron UAV.

Germany wants to use Heron UAV in Mali.

Ukraine has received Raven UAVs from the US.

The British are once again looking at the Watchkeeper drone.

WiB states the drone strikes by the US are illegal.

Some drones are disguised as birds.

Unmanned Ground Vehicles:

The US is using UGVs to protect a Reaper (UCAV) base in Djibouti.

Robo Boats (Unmanned Surface Vehicles):

Israel is working on the 3rd generation USV.

DARPA's Sea Hunter USV has completed its first round of sea trials.


Canada is testing a bionic knee brace.


Unmanned Warrior 2016 plans to stretch how robots are used in war.

Could advances in facial recognition lead to robotic assassins?

A drone killing gun has been seen at a US base.

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