Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Scuffle in the South China Sea #61

China is calling for more talks.

China has asked for US help to get the Philippines to start negotiations.

China is depending on outside experts like everyone else in the government business.

The meetings between US and Chinese admirals are conditional on the Chinese maintaining professionalism and safety at sea during encounters.

China is removing SAMs from Woody Island.

The US has vowed more patrols in the South China Sea.

China is upset with the Republican Platform's stance on the South China Sea.

Wait!  What?!  The South China Sea spat has impacted...KFC & Apple.

China is planning on sending up to 8 civilian cruise ships to the South China Sea regularly.

China has set up a South China Sea environmental protection fund.

China's nationalism is driving the South China Sea disputes.

What's next for Manila in the South China Sea dispute after the victory over China in The Hague ruling?

Philippines is upgrading old US Coast Guard ships for use in the South China Sea.

The Philippines would like to exploit oil and natural gas in the South China Sea, but the reserves are in the disputed region with China.

Philippines new president is threatening China.  Or at least upsetting enough people that he's getting a very harsh piece written about him.

 ASEAN met with Chinese representatives.

ASEAN had heartburn over an anti Chinese statement about the South China Sea.  Cambodia initially blocked the statement.  Vietnam called the South China Sea dispute the defining moment for ASEAN.  In the end, ASEAN released a watered down rebuke.  Very watered down.  This was a diplomatic win for China.  Philippines says it was not a win.  SecState Kerry is happy with the statement.

US, Japan and Australia called out China when ASEAN did not. 

The US Presidential aid sent to China has asked for reduced tensions in the South China Sea.

SecState Kerry urged both sides to find ways to find diplomatic ways to reduce tensions.  China and ASEAN agreed: both sides said restraint was necessary for the South China Sea.

The ruling is seen has having made matters worse, not better.

Just how militarily relevant are the Chinese features in the South China Sea.

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