Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Revelation Space

I just finished - last night - one of the books my wife gave to me for my birthday. It was an interesting read. Reynolds is one of the British Invasion of SF in recent years. It was an okay read with some bits that I didn't care for.

I should really wait a bit more before saying this, like after I read some of the other Britvaders, but there seems to be a certain flavour to their stories that is not or are not there for the Yanks' versions. it also seems rather distinct from Clarke as well. I am not sure what exactly it is yet, but I am having my suspicions. Namely it's in how they treat the characters and more specifically the endings of their novels. I'll post a bit more on that when I've digested a few more.

The part that I really didn't like about the ending, frankly. The loops thrown about the neutron star seemed like they were tacked on at the end and not where the author originally wanted to go. I was unsure where that was, and it may have been where he planned to go in the first palce, but...oh well. I'll look for another book by him to see if I like/not like his work. A single book isn't fair to judge by.

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Randy McDonald said...

I liked his Century Rain, though I've detected a certain sort of, um, flatness in some of his works. His execution can be wanting.