Monday, January 08, 2007

Vacation Report

As I said last night, we're back. We had a good time, but I suspect that I ought to have returned to work sooner. Even so, we did have fun.

At first we didn't go anywhere. I've made it a point that the family will be having a quiet, family Christmas each year. Traditions are important to ingrain for a family early on. It helps to build up a family identity. Avrora got showered with gifts. After a short bit, she even got a handle on the idea it was OK to rip wrapping paper. Lyuda got an iPOD video, an italk (to record her lectures), an electronic (purely english) dictionary and other assorted items. I recieved some very nice sweaters, an Amazon gift card, and some books.

Thent we went back to my aunt's place in North Fork, CA. We went there a couple days after Xmas until New Year's Day. My daughter had a blast playing with the dogs again. Lyuda went ice skating. We went around Yosemite some.

We returned home and immediately jaunted off to Tahoe to ski. Well, Lyuda skied. I babysat, and read, which was ok. She's announced that next year both Avrora and I will be skiing. hm. We had a good time. Lyuda was underwhelmed byt the ski runs, but LOVED the view. She liked Taos' runs from last year much better. we did go on a paddle wheel across the lake though. That was fun.

There will be pictures of the above on Wednesday.

We returned yesterday afternoon. That was my birthday and we had a low key BDay. Lyuda picked up some books: Revelation Space, The Robots of Dawn, Accelerando, and T. Rex and the Crater of Doom. She also made me a cake, some okroshka, and snuggled up big time. I am already plotting on what to do with that Amazon gift card.

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