Monday, September 24, 2007

Sicker than a Dog

Fevers, vomiting, dizziness, worse.

I'd be home except that I am on rotation. Sucketh the big one.

I hope that Lyuda and Avrora don't get this.


Zach said...

You're on rotation? To me, that means you're working on the North Slope. :-) Hope you feel better, and I see it hasn't quelled your blogging spirit!

Will Baird said...

I am stuck at work because I am on rotation and I was in a wait state: for psots that are mainly clippings of other people's stuff, I can handle that right now for posting...true original content. nuh uh.

FWIW, I work here ( and once every 3 months I am responsible 24/7 for one week for all the machines on the floor.