Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mommy's Day

Avrora woke up Lyuda and I around 8. I made Lyuda stay in bed and I made her breakfast. She had coppa and prosciutto, cotswald and a hard, orange cheese that I threw away its wrapper by mistake. She washed it down with sparkling cider. We went to a local kid's museum all day (we'd intended to go to 6 Flags, but holy frakkity frak the traffic or the off ramp convinced us otherwise). We then went to dinner at Miyozen on 40th and San Pablo...and had all we can eat sushi and sashimi. We ate WAAAAY too much. It was really, really good. Lyuda almost can't walk. She declared it an excellent Mommy's Day. She and Avrora are passed out now.

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Alden said...

Hard, orange cheese -- sounds like a good mimolette.