Thursday, May 28, 2009

Science Vs Journalism: A VITAL Read

There are lessons to be taken from even the most rant-y or misguided efforts of pseudo-science and un-science and general misrepresentations of science provided you know where to find them. One aspect of the near congenital media screw-up of science is the idea that one vocal dissenter to a well recognised hypothesis or theory makes this either controversial or uncertain. In fact I recently found a great quote by a science journalist on this very issue: “Journalism, which relies on “balance”, has never dealt with science, which relies on consensus”. (Sharon Weinberger).

Please, PLEASE, PLEASE go read David Hone's commentary on science vs journalism and the lone dissenter. He really hits it on the head and I wish journalists and those that read the popsci writeups will pay attention. Closely.

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