Thursday, July 07, 2016

Russian Aircraft Carrier Kuznetsov to act as Ersatz Amphibious Ship

The Ka-52K Katran attack helicopters will soon be deployed aboard the Russian aircraft cruiser Admiral Kuznetsov, in what will allow the warship to have characteristics similar to those of the Mistral assault ships France had originally promised to build for Russia, according to the Russian newspaper Izvestia.

The deployment of 30 Ka-52K Katran attack helicopters on board the Russian aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov will make it possible to significantly improve its characteristics, which are expected to be tantamount to those of the Mistral assault ships, the Russian newspaper Izvestia reported.

It quoted former Russian Defense Ministry spokesman as saying that the KA-52K's deployment will enable the Admiral Kuznetsov to perform a spate of coastal missions, something that is typically performed by Mistral amphibious ships.

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