Friday, July 01, 2016

Stealth Saga #47


Airbus is studying a manned replacement for the Tornado.


Japan has started engaging industry on the F-3 fifth generation fighter program.  Rumors are they are seeking a J-20 sized aircraft.

Japan is considering a $40 billion tender for the F-3 in mid-July.

Sixth Generation Fighters:

Russia is considering an unmanned sixth generation fighter. 

The USAF just awarded two $1 billion contracts for the next generation fighter engine as a prelude to its sixth generation fighter efforts (more).


The USAF remains adamant the B-21 cost must remain classified.


Some beautiful pix of the F-22 in action.

The 23rd F-22 pilot has reached 1,000 flight hours.

The F-22's engineering building was sold by Lockheed to Georgia Tech.


The F-35A IOC remains on track, or so sayeth the US Air Force.

The F-35 demonstrated a 8:0 kill ratio against the F-15E in a recent exercise.

There have been no software issues with the Mountain Home AFB deployment of the F-35.

The Pentagon is weighing a replacement ejection seat for the F-35.

In September, a F-35 will demonstrate targeting for a SM-6 ship based SAM.

The Pentagon is seeking to do a smaller 'hybrid' block buy of the F-35 for 292 F-35As, 82 F-35Bs & 36 F-35Cs in three lots.

The USMC is converting a Harrier unit to a F-35B squadron.

WiB takes a snarky stance on the USAF stating it has issues testing the F-35 to its full potential in the wargaming setting.

The Brits have the F-35 debuting at the RIAT & Farnborough air shows in the midst of their Brexit meltdown (videos, pictures, more pictures, still more pictures of Typhoons escorting the F-35Bs).

The Brits are bidding to becoming the long term maintenance hub for European F-35s' avionics.

The F-35I was unveiled by Lockheed & Israel.

Israel wants 75 F-35Is & potentially F-35Bs in addition


F-22 & F-35 fighter pilots wrote a white paper on how to fight a war with 5th generation fighters circa 2026.

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