Thursday, July 07, 2016

The Coming Cyber War #13

Cyber Warfare:

Here's a proposed approach to cyber warfare.

An NSA hacker was interviewed by the Intercept.

Cyber warfare is a major domain for the NATO summit.

Cyber Espionage:

How India was targeted by Pakistani hackers (warning, video).

Cyber Crime:

One Congressman wants to have randsomware attacks to be reported to those potentially affected.

Nations & Terrorists are teaming up with organized crime to do cyber thefts.

There is a new malware that is pretending to be different apps like Google Play & Uber.

US Healthcare records are being offered for sale online by hackers.  Why are the hackers doing so?

Ten million android devices have been infected by a Chinese malware.  Just imagine the IOT.

The EU has passed its first cyber security law. 

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