Friday, August 05, 2016

Robopocalypse Report #88


7-Eleven demonstrated deliveries with a drone.

Amazon got permission to test its delivery drones.

A 3d printed drone is coming to market.

Facebook's mongo internet drone is reported as having a successful test flight.

Lehmann has developed a modular higher end drone.

Is this GoPro's new drone?

Self Driving Cars:

Sticker price matters for adoption of self driving cars.

The Tesla crash will not halt self driving car development according to the government.

The driver of the Tesla crash was exceeding the speed limit when it happened.

Tesla has parted ways with Mobileye.

In Japan, self driving delivery vans are being trialed.

Uber is investing money in mapping services to reduce its reliance on google.

Australia has shifted 1.5m due to continental drift and will be updating its maps for self driving cars.

Mercedes has retired its very first self driving car prototype.

Apple's car project may have had its project leader identified.

Delphi wants to put its self driving cars on the road in 2022.

3d Printing:

An attempt has been made to create standardized definitions for the 3d printing industry.

China has developed a new 3d metal printing technology.

BMW has a very advanced 3d scanning technology.

Russia has developed a 3d metal printer for their nuclear industry.

A Columbia professor has produced a new prototype for 3d printing food.

Tiertime has a new mini 3d printer.


Robotic construction is getting closer.

Farmbot has had a wildly successful fundraising for its agricultural robot.

There is a new artificial muscle for soft robotics.

Microbots that were inspired by germs were a thing.

Zizzy the robot uses 3d printed muscles.

Lockheed has developed a robot for inspecting its hybrid airship for leaks.

Is the robopocalypse coming for the bakery?

Sea Charger, a solar powered robo boat, has completed a California to Hawaii voyage.

Kansas City is using robots to inspect its sewers.

A new bot can overcome obstacles at Bielefeld Universoty.

Philosophy & Economics:

China wants to embrace the robopocalypse.

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