Thursday, August 04, 2016

Stealth Saga #51


The US & South Korea met to discuss the tech transfer aspects of the KF-X program.


Japan will be placing the X-2 demonstrator on display on October 30th at Gifu AFB for the public to see.


Some are questioning whether the PAK-DA will actually happen.


India is interesting in buying an upgraded Su-30.  India has stated this will not impact the purchase of their variant of the PAK-FA, but many are expressing doubts.


The J-20 ought to have IOC in 2019.


The USAF is calling for the B-21 to be funded from a separate fund much like the Ohio Replacement Boomer.

The USAF is still not saying how many B-21s it needs.


An artist worked on the concept information Northrop used for its alternative to the B-2.

B-2 bombers participated in the NATO exercise Polar Roar.


The F-22 was once considered too provocative to send to the Middle East.


USMC has debuted the F-35B at Red Flag.

The F-35A has been tested at Eglin AFB.

The F-35A has conducted its first shoot down.

The F-35A is looking good for its IOC, so good IOC was declared for the USAF F-35A.  There are a lot more articles on the IOC.

The F-35 is so stealthy it creates training exercise problems.

How accurate is the F-35Bs gun pod?

Tactics for F-35B pilots are evolving as the pilots better grasp the capabilities of the plane.

A USMC general has stated the F-35B is ready for war.

The F-35B's first at sea deployment will be on the USS Bonhomme Richard from Japan.

Apparently, the F-35 laser designator can only be used in the US.  The Brits are seeking permission to do so in the UK.

Canada is casting a wide net to try to find a replacement fighter. That net includes the F-35, ironically.

Canada is also continuing to pay into the F-35 program to remain part despite claiming it will not be necessarily buying the aircraft.

Israel may maintenance get outsourced.

Israeli's first F-35I has had its first flight.

Is the F-35 Singapore's next fighter buy?

Could the coup attempt in Turkey endanger its participation in the F-35 program?

The 63rd Fighter Squadron was stood up to train Turkish F-35 pilots.

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